When Cheating is Good for You!

I just had the thought this morning that I wonder if someone else were to grade
me on my eating, what grade would I get? So I asked my friend David who always gives me an honest answer on weird questions like these and he said 9…NOT BAD!

I like being a 9 cause I don’t want to be perfect. In the past I would have redoubled my efforts to try to be a 10. But, age brings wisdom and I have learned that being perfect doesn’t allow for mistakes/cheating and mistakes/cheating are where the real learning comes from.

Those of you who are my clients have probably heard me say that one of my rules to live by is 80/20. In other words 80% of the time do what you know is good for you and the other 20% of the time, CHEAT! I think David was being too nice (angels are like that) by giving me a grade of 9. I would probably give myself an 8 for the Kettle sweet onion potato chips (I just saw they have a Maple Bacon that I must try!), Pamela’s gluten free pecan shortbread cookies, maple bacon doughnuts, Michel Cluizel dark chocolate with candied orange peel, infused martinis and BACON that occasionally sneak past the gates and into the dark recesses of my gastrointestinal tract. I must admit I don’t always feel good when I succumb to the above temptations BUT…I think it helps to satisfy that part of me that will MUTINY if I don’t give her what she wants.

SO…I encourage you all to CHEAT (in the context of a good diet of course) and let me know what your favorite 20% is…I will probably add it to my list!

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Breakfast Reconstructed

Sometimes I get bored…ok…often I get bored and have to think outside my own box for creative and tasty breakfast combos. Here is one that I created in a moment of boredom.

High protein quick breakfast

Gluten free bagel with chevre, fig butter, hotsauce and smoked salmon

photo 3

photo 2 (2)

photo 5

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How 2 Detach From Your Desires

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It’s strawberry season and I LOVE my berries…when they don’t mold that is.  I often get overly exuberant when faced with baskets of fresh berries in different varieties (Albion and Seascape are two of my favorites) only to get them home and have them go bad in a few days.  Not much is worse than strawberries gone bad ESPECIALLY when you were looking forward to eating them!  Speaking of which one of my favorite ways is to hollow out the center and stuff them with nutbutter…SO GOOD!…but I digress…as usual.  My point in writing this is that I finally found a way to store my berries for optimal freshness where they last WAY longer (6 days and still going strong)! So, I thought I would share the secret with you.  Put them in a glass container (one with a tight fitting lid) lined with a paper towel and be careful not to overlap them.  I SWEAR! that is it!  Report back on how it works for you.

NOTE:  DO NOT wash them first!


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What Number is Your Homocysteine?

Homo WHAT you ask?  Homocysteine is a toxic amino acid produced when methionine goes through the methylation cycle and converts to homocysteine.  In a healthy normal person the homocysteine is then converted through the transulfuration cycle to glutathione which is imperative for liver detoxification to occur.  About 40% of the population has a one or more genetic defects which cause their homocysteine levels to pool.  High levels of homocysteine are likely to contribute to the formation of blood vessels which are more susceptible to oxidative stress.  In addition, patients with elevated homocysteine are four times more likely to be at risk for peripheral vascular disease and stroke.  How do you know if you are one of the 40%?  Ideally you can get genetically tested to find out but that can be expensive so a simple way is to get a blood test for it.  Ask your health care practitioner for a blood test for homocysteine and while you are at it hsCRP (highly sensitive C Reactive Protein) which measures inflammation inside the blood vessel wall.  What is ideal?  Less than 7 for homocysteine and less than 1 for hsCRP.  Gives new meaning to the old saying…know your number!

Source:  http://www.thorne.com/altmedrev/.fulltext/2/4/234.pdf

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Do. Or do not. There is no try.

If I could, I would hit the replay button on this ad nauseam!

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How To Avoid the Dreaded Dental Tarter Scraper!

I HATE going to the dentist cause every time I go to get my teeth cleaned the hygienist would pull out the DREADED DENTAL TARTAR SCRAPER.  My gums would wince in pain as soon as I saw the HOOK.  Ouch!  I would then have to suffer through a well-intentioned lecture of why I should be flossing my teeth daily, while they ignored my futile attempts to interrupt them and tell them… I DID!  Those who did actually pause long enough to hear me said, “Oh, you must be one of those unfortunate ones that has genetically sticky plaque.”  Lucky me.  For those of you out there who have the same issue I have the answer…OIL PULLING!  Oil pulling is an traditional Ayruvedic detoxifying technique that has been practiced for thousands of years.  I LOVE things that have a long track record of use.  Here is how it works.  As soon as you get out of bed take 1 Tablespoon of oil (I use organic coconut but sesame is what is traditionally used) and swish around in your mouth for 20 minutes.  I know that sounds like a long time but it actually goes surprisingly fast.  If you do it first thing and then get in the shower by the time you have toweled off you are usually done.  After 20 minutes are up, spit out oil (will look milky if it is working), rinse out mouth and brush teeth.  The oil pulls viruses and bacteria from the back of your throat and plaque which is full of bacteria off the surface of your teeth so VERY IMPORTANT not to swallow this or do it longer than 20 minutes so that you don’t reabsorb the toxins.  I have been doing it for a few months now and can FEEL the difference in the smoothness of my tooth surface.  I also notice that my teeth are whiter and that my gums seem to be improving.  My advice is give it a try for 21 days.  It takes 21 days to make a habit stick and it took me a while before I noticed the changes.  HAPPY SWISHING and bye bye DREADED TARTER SCRAPER!

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