I am a stealth cook, i.e. I LOVE to hide things…even from myself.  I personally am not fond of the taste of sea veggies, BUT I know they have powerful nutritional properties SO…in order to get them down I hide them!  And I cant think of a better way to do that then in your salt.  The advantage of putting them in your salt is that if your salt was not iodized it now will be.  I also like hiding them here cause you can’t taste them and because you use less salt in the process.  In keeping with the latter concept I recommend adding more things you don’t necessarily want to taste but are good for you.  In this version I used nettle, sage and dulse.  In other versions I have incorporated rosemary, lemon verbena, thyme…basically any herb you have growing will work.  It is nearly impossible to get it wrong cause the salt masks the flavor of most of it.

Homemade drying rack with nettles

Homemade drying rack with nettles

Dried nettle in coffee grinder

Dried nettle and sage in coffee grinder

Ground nettles

Ground herb mix

Himilayan salt in grinder

Himilayan salt in grinder

Matcha Powder

photo 2

Organic Dulse Granules. Could also use nori or kelp too.

Salt + matcha + herb mix + dulse granules

Salt + matcha + herb mix + dulse granules

Herbed Salt

SUPER powered salt!

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5 Responses to SUPER POWERED Herbed Salt

  1. James D. Cain says:

    You are a very girl! T. Sent from my iPad


  2. A very ? girl?
    Do I need to fill in the blank?

  3. James D.Cain says:

    I meant to say that you are a very CLEVER girl! As Always. XOXOXOOO

  4. James D.Cain says:

    You are so welcome. You are my favorite R.D. In the World!

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