All Eggs Are Created Equal…But Some Eggs Are Better Than Others

I think I have been long overdue for a RAVE, so here you go…My latest RAVE is an egg. Not just any egg…these are very SPECIAL eggs.  I found them at my local farmers market and although some would consider them expensive, sometimes the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true and in this case it certainly does.  What is so special about these eggs you ask?  The COLOR, the taste and the consistency of the white.

As for color, one can see for themselves in this side by side comparison. Both of the eggs are organic, cage free, contain neither hormones nor antibiotics and are pasture raised. SO, this begs the question why the difference in color? After talking to the farmer, Chris Hay, who raises the Say Hay Farms eggs, he told me that the color of the yolk can depend on several things but usually has to do with the feed.

Turns out Chris’ chickens live in mobile homes! The mobile homes, transport his hens, which feed on insects in his fields. This symbiotic relationship enriches the hens’ diet while providing excellent pest management for the crops. In addition to foraging on pasture grass and worms, the organic chicken feed is supplemented with live ferments, flaxseed and herbs. Now that is what I call GOOD NUTRITION!

In addition to the vibrant color (due to a higher beta carotene content), I have noticed that the whites have better viscosity than other eggs and hold up well especially for fried eggs. How do they taste? Like a REAL egg should…FRESH from the farm!

Bottom line…if you want great tasting eggs say YAY and give your money to Say Hay Farms!

P.S. Here is a picture of who you are supporting 🙂

Farmer Chris Hay

Farmer Chris Hay

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2 Responses to All Eggs Are Created Equal…But Some Eggs Are Better Than Others

  1. James D Cain says:

    Hey, Farmer Hay!!!!! Great looking eggs are always more appetizing than the eggs that have yolks that are so deficient in color that you can’t force yourself to eat them. Keep up the good work.

  2. Lorriann says:

    I buy them from those guys in SF Stonestown farmers market on Sunday, too! LOVE THEM!

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